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Santo Moss has compassion for his community, the youth and their parents. He is a youth leader, public speaker, community strategist, an independent filmmakerand a life coach. Santo aims to guide this modern culture in a more positive direction because so many negatives are becoming part of our social norm, and the positive outlooks have become the negative. Santo has so much passion to teach this younger generation about  their personal choices and developing their life skills. Santo’s passion stems off of his past lifestyle as a troubled youth. So he uses himself as an example to the youth on what not do. He helps to guide young peoples’ lives in the right direction so that they will not make the same mistakes that he has made. Santo also spreads his message about the good news through educational videos. These videos provide solutions to the social ills and concerns of the mis-understood minorities and society as a whole. These issues and topics must be addressed, because as a believer of the Most High we should not have to conform to this world system. Santo believes in keeping God’s people informed about current events in order to bridge the gap. We as believers must understand that the evil of this world does not like the light that is on the inside of us. And the enemy will do whatever he can to stop that light from shining. Santo tackles these unpopular topics because God has given him the boldness to look evil directly in the eyes and hit it head on.

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  1. Shay says:

    This is awesome Santo! May God bless your efforts.

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