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Hope, Truth, and Love (HTL) Ministry is teaching ministry. It was founded on March 5, 2013 by Santo Moss. HTL Ministry is focused on the future of our youth. We are connected to the community. Everything that we do is done in truth and motivated in love while giving hope to the people. HTL Ministry is a non profit religious organization and is based on religious activities but are not limited to this. HTL Ministry is base out of Tuscaloosa, AL. The mission of this organization is to inform, educate and empower all of those who believe in speaking truth to power. Our mission is to edify and empower our youth.  We aim to uplift our community by dealing with pivotal issues in the African American community. We address racism in order to reach a point of healing and renewal that will bring about fairness and equality. We also shed light about the most high to a lost and dying world while revealing the traps of the enemy. We also aim to give youth from all walks of life the opportunity to take part in planning their future with the proper guidance. This organization focuses on the everyday life challenges that the youth will face once they enter college, the workforce, religion and just everyday life skills. We especially want to target the youth between the ages of 12 to 25. This is the most crucial age range, because the youth are in their intellective state. Our primary focus is to teach about the things of this present age that is crippling our world especially our youth. Our primary focus is to teach the message of the IN-Times. We like to take the ancient text and make it relevant to this present day and age. HTL Ministry is here to reveal these dark powers that is plaguing our community.



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