HTL Ministry operates under a unique anointing. And we strongly believe that the gospel that God has given us to teach has the ability to truly change lives.

How has HTL MInistry blessed your life?

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  1. Chandra says:

    After watching this video “Sleepwalkers” by Santo Moss, certain things got put into perspective for me in a major way. I realized that I did not have all of my priorities in order and I was falling victim to one of satan’s slickest tactics “entertainment.” The enemy will use any form of entertainment (tv, internet, music) to get you distracted from spending time with God. My biggest issue used to be music, but God allowed my MP3 players and Ipod devices to be stolen from me on three different occasions until I comprehended why this had happened to me. I finally put God before my love of music. However, once I watched “Sleepwalkers” I realized that I was slowly getting back into that same predicament by spending a lot of time watching things on TV that were contrary to the life that God wants me to live. This video is awesome because it showed me that I must continue to be careful every single day with what I allow my ears to hear and my eyes to see since subconsciously it can and will affect me over time.

  2. Sherrice says:

    I love the videos! They have opened up my eyes to some of the the things that were distractions in my daily life and routines. Now that I have a better understanding I will start to change those things to better myself as a person and ask God to give me more of him and less of me. The devil will not destroy what God has for me. I rebuke it in his name jesus. Thanks for those amazing, spiritual,encouraging words my friend!!

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